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Saturday, February 04, 2006


Am I the mom of my apartment? Some days it feels like it. It has been this way in every apartment I have lived in, even when I was the youngest of the roommates, which was most of the time. But the questions... Here's a sample of the strangest, funniest, and stupidest (yes there is such thing as a stupid question):

- How do you cook ground beef?
- What should I look for in medical insurance?
- What are the costs involved in planning a wedding?
- Will you be my wedding photographer? (asked the morning of the wedding, I said yes)
- What is the best way to clean a countertop?
- Do you need to refrigerate Skippy™?
- Which is harder: organic chemistry or microbiology? (I don’t know anything about science, I'’m a FaCS Ed major)
- How do you say, "“I feel like I have a cold coming on,"” in Spanish? (I don'’t know any Spanish, I took 6 years of French in middle/high school, and would have to think for a bit before I could say something like that in French, it'’s been a while)
- Questions about calculus- the last time I took a math class was in 2001, and it was algebra, I have never even attempted calculus, so I would not be a good person to ask.
- Where country is Frankfurt in? I can'’t remember?
- Is Albania by the Ukraine?
- Which war was McArthur in?
- Who discovered penicillin?
- How do you spell lawyer?

Keep in mind that this is only a sample, and that I can answer all of the questions except the ones I have indicated I do not know the answers to.


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