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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

big house

I'm writing a paper on buying a house that is the right size and price and came across this quote:
“We just bought this house. It’s too big. It’s like 400,000 square feet or something. We got an indoor lake and ski slope in the house! It’s just too big. There’s only me and the wife right now so it makes no sense. There’s so many rooms. We got, like everyone else, a bedroom, a living and a family room. And then you start running out of reasons why you have all these rooms. Now I say, ‘That’s the room I eat grapes in and that’s the Comb-my-hair room and that’s the Where-I-Put-My-Keys Room. If you’ll take the seventh door on the left you can enjoy the sock room, followed by the shoe rooms, the room I look out the windows of, and don’t forget to stop off by the Let’s-Listen-To-My-Echo Room, it’s real exciting!’ I’m starting to think all us rich people are crazy to buy things just because we can—kind of pointless, huh?”
-Adam Sandler 19/12/2004


  • Personally I would have a room just for Breakfast foods. Cereal and such. Why not? And of course there is the "Reference to Scary Movie" Room. Near the water slide of course. A real one. Water slide that is.

    By Blogger Alfred Haus, at 9:44 PM, August 16, 2006  

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