Sarah's Thoughts

Saturday, December 24, 2005

New Shoes

I have a pair of black heels that I absolutely adore, but they're wearing out and cannot be fixed, so I am on a quest to find a new pair of favorites, and I think I might have found them. For only $100. Aren't they great? The only problem is that I am a college student and have very little money. I just bought Christmas presents for my whole family (all seven family members), so I am more than usually lacking. But I must have shoes! I need them to wear to church! and other dressy things! Not that I don't have other black dress shoes, but these are my favorite shoes I'm trying to replace! I was planning on wearing the faves tomorrow (and still will, they're the only ones I have with me), but now I am thinking "must. have. these. shoes."


I wanted to start out with a picture and looked through all the ones I have on my computer, only to discover that this is the only picture I have with me in it! It is about a year old. I'm the blonde one on the far left. In case you couldn't tell, the six of us are related. I'm the oldest, next my tall brother, then girls left to right, then "the baby," who is nine years old. This picture was taken to be sent out with Christmas cards (which we made that year, never again) so it's kind of posed and not natural.