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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

One night my roommate and I drove through the Provo City Library's underground parking to put books in the return drop under the library because the boxes topside were full. The library had closed just 10 minutes before, so there were no cars underneath. As I pulled toward the exit the gates went down. I thought they were probably motion sensored so I backed up and came at it from a different angle. I tried this a few times, but we were still locked in the underground parking. There was a call box so my roommate pushed the red "Press Here for Help" button and was connected to 911. She was pretty shocked and had never called 911 before. The dispatcher called library security and reported that they had seen us down there on their cameras but they HADN'T DONE ANYTHING to help us.!! They opened the gates and we drove away.
It kinda sounds lame, but we were REALLY scared. We couldn't get out and there was no cell phone signal. If that call box hadn't been there I don't know what we would have done. I couldn't believe that the security people were just watching us panic in the parking garage.

The Provo City Library is a beautiful building. It was originally Brigham Young Academy, which later moved north a few blocks to become Brigham Young University. The building was restored and reopened in September 2001. It is located on a main road through the center of the city and is one of Provo's prettiest and most historic buildings.


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