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Monday, May 08, 2006

1. Being a Woman

Women have the gift of civilizing. "We use our creativity and our intelligence to improve our communities and to beautify our surroundings. We build connections between neighbors. We band together for good causes and are courageous in defending right and virtue. In ways large and small, women help to civilize the world.
"Women have done this through the centuries by their manner of behavior. Historically, women have been the custodians of characteristics of gentleness and courtesy, of sweetness and of gracious influence. These qualities tame the savage beast in all of humanity, and without them the world would be a cold and hostile place... Women do not have to be loud and pushy to be strong. The world... needs the quiet strength and refining influence of women who are at peace with this side of their nature and are not afraid to be kind, gentle and supportive."

Women also posses the gift of nurturing. "The hallmark of women's gifts is that of giving and nurturing life and caring for people. We are designed to be capable of and interested in doing this...Women's brains are specially structured to be skilled in the use of language, the perception and expression of emotion, and the capacity. Thus, we are gifted in communicating, building relationships and responding to human needs...Historically, women have spearheaded some of the great movements of social compassion, from prison reform to the abolition of slavery, striving to relieve human suffering in its many forms"

I am glad to be a part of the sisterhood that comes from being a woman. I like knowing that I can influence the world, even though I am shy. I can beautify the world around me, seeking and acquiring the good, rejecting the bad. I like knowing that I have a power for good, that I can help others, find joy in lessening their pain, and build ties that will lift and support others and myself. Someone once asked me what I liked least about being a woman and I couldn't think of a single thing I would trade. Sure, some things are painful or difficult, but I can't imagine not being a woman. No offense to men, they're great in their own way, but I enjoy my femininity, my girlyness. I know that someday, in due time, I will meet a man who will compliment my girlyness, and who's masculinity is complimented by my femininity, and we will create two halves of a whole, a beginning of a family. I don't need to be like a man to accomplish things, to make a difference, I can do it in a womanly way and be just as strong.


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